Am I dreading it?……Yes.

It’s that time of year again…..

The tinsel and trees are out, a million presents to be bought, turkeys to be roasted and mistletoe to be hung. You guessed it. It’s Christmas time. Now, I’m not a complete Grinch as I do like the festive season, but I don’t really celebrate Christmas and don’t buy gifts, etc. Generally, I like this time of year. Everyone is happier, I like the colder weather and we get loads of time off work. What could be better?

Well, what I dread is not the actual day or the festivities, but the damn Work Christmas Party. Why? I’ll tell you why……’s because the following will undoubtedly go through my head in the run-up to the big “do”:

“I have nothing to wear. And whatever I wear will make me look horrible and disgusting.”

“Should I buy a new dress? Although if I do, it’ll just make me look horrible and disgusting.”

“I’ll be photographed next to a bunch of ridiculously good-looking people.”

“Photos. Enough said.”

“Someone will no doubt pay me the fake ‘You look lovely’ compliment and I’ll have to smile politely and just take it.”

“Photos.” (I added this one again, because there will be at least one photo with a bunch of handsome ladies and gents and then me with my gigantic face ruining it all. I’m cringing just thinking about it.)

Well, there you have it. The dreaded Christmas Party. It’s tonight & I’m going, wearing the best outfit I could rummage from my closet.

Keep an eye out for those pictures! 😉

9 thoughts on “Am I dreading it?……Yes.

  1. Lynne you are amazing!! I applaud you for being so open, and setting such a goal for yourself! Thank you for allowing us to become more real and being so transparent when it comes to your life and these weight-loss issues which are so universal. It is so important. I love how you are doing this, but also realize that it cannot be easy. You are already an inspiration because of you are and the goals you set!! You go for it!! xoxox luv min

  2. Hey poo

    so very proud of you. Damn ballzy to do it this way, and with the festive season nearing! You’ll do great Im sure. You have all my support in the world! Love you poo poo*

  3. Sup, so I’ve signed up to this blog after about ten minutes of trying to figure out what to do to get to that point, but I succeeded, (WIN). Anyway, will chat on the weekend, cheers.

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