All systems….GO!!!

There’s no turning back now! It seems that everyone now knows about my blog and my aim for the next year of my life. This is a good thing and a bad thing….

Positive: I already know that this is going to work. I’m feeling so motivated and amped to make things happen. For example, I was out with friends yesterday, and I know I can’t order a burger, because I’d be met with very judgemental looks – rightfully so! I can’t get away with anything anymore…’s going to be hard, but worth it.

Negative: Accountability sucks. I can’t get away with anything anymore. Simple as that. I’m actually going to have to work hard for a change! 😉

So, in light of the above and my mission, I sat down yesterday and dutifully worked out a meal plan for this week. At least that’s one thing I can check off the list so far. CHECK.

This morning I walked up all the stairs and escalators I could find. CHECK.

I’ve had a really healthy lunch today, but I think my body is not too keen on all this goodness….Perseverance is the key.

My aim is to go home tonight and do about 30mins on the rowing machine and make Chilli & Black Bean soup – from scratch! Very domestic of me I might add.

It’s only been a day, but so far so good.  🙂


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