Am I completely crazy?

There have been whispers between friends and I’ve been thinking about it myself. This nagging question in the back of my mind….

Why the hell did I decide to start this new venture of mine just before Christmas? 🙂

I’m salivating just at the thought of pork, turkey, stuffing (I LOVE stuffing!), roast potatoes, honey-glazed veg…….and on top of that, I’m making a huge Key Lime Pie for desert. YUM!

So why am I doing this to myself? On the one hand, I think I’m absolutely crazy considering the aforementioned food. On the other hand, I think maybe this will be a good test of my will power and resolve.

My aim is to eat a respectable amount – for Christmas – and try my utmost not to have any seconds. That’s where the problem always comes in……seconds. I eat after taste and don’t stop even when I’m full which always leaves me feeling like a gigantor troll! 😉

So far, friends and colleagues can attest to me behaving myself. There’s been an abundance of sweeties and other goodies in the office over the last couple of days, but I’ve restrained myself and only had a couple of bits. Well done to me! Trust me, it hasn’t been easy.

Well, let’s hope I keep things over the festive season and not pig out completely….



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