Apparently I’m a tad unfit…..

I’ve done it. Taken the first step so to speak. I joined a gym this week.

I’m feeling very enthusiastic about this venture. I picked a gym that’s on the way home, so no more excuses!

Well, I went for my first session with a personal trainer yesterday. It was mainly just to show me the ropes and work out an exercise routine. I was super excited to get started, however my trainer man was a bit of a weirdo. I mean, a man with a soul patch will always be a bit sketchy to begin with! Anyway, throughout my whole workout he kept telling me about his routines and how he has to work really hard just to get out of breath, etc. Arrogant or what?!

To top it off, when I took a spin on the -, my heart rate hit about 160. Instead of support, he exclaimed…“Oh my God! You are incredibly unfit!” Not the most professional exclamation I’ve ever heard, but a fair estimation. I coldly replied…“Well, that’s why I’m here.”

Well, I suppose I didn’t sign up for kisses and cuddles . I’m there to lose weight, and I’m planning on doing just that. So wish me luck….

Soulpatch…..just keep your distance!



4 thoughts on “Apparently I’m a tad unfit…..

    • Thanks Ian! I had another sesh this morning, and it was pretty brutal! I felt like a giant beached whale trying to do burpees! Hahahahaaaa!!
      Well, I’ve just gotta keep it up……Thanks for the support dude!

  1. Well done you…

    It’s all about finding the place where you are happy with yourself, and when you’ve accomplished that then the world is happy with you. Nevertheless we’re all a 100% behind you, you can achieve your targets!!

    I’m the process of a 5day workout since a few months but since last week i’m pushing myself for some specific targets.

    It’s easy, but it isnt difficult either. Always focus on your goal and why youre doing it. The results is the prize of your efforts! Each and everytime you workout, you’re rewarding yourself.

    Everyone should be working out… its for a healthier lifestyle in the end, and a better future.

    ps. ignore sly remarks, it says something more about the individual themselves than about you!!

    luv Z x

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