Hello Training My Old Friend!

So, I went back to gym for the first time in 5 weeks yesterday. Almost killed me. I’ve really regressed these last couple of weeks and will have to work really hard to get back into shape before the 10K in July!

I started with some interval training on the treadmill and managed to keep it up for 25mins. Miraculous! I then added a bit of weight training to sort out these flabby arms of mine! All in all, I was absolutely shattered after the workout, but I feel so much better. Now I have to concentrate on keeping it up.

I’m also trying to concentrate more on my diet. I want to eat less carbs – not just at night, but during the day too. More lean protein, veg and fruit. I actually had a pretty good day today – food wise – although, I did have a cheeky bit of chocolate mousse for dessert!

So, I’ve got the iPod on charge and will be off for a run first thing tomorrow morning. It feels so great to be out and about again!



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