So, I’m getting a tad nervous.

My first ever 10k is in 13 days and the nerves are starting to settle in. I’ve been training, but my month off work upset that training program a little. So ever since I got back, I’ve been getting back into running and have managed to do quite well. In fact, I’m actually not doing too badly.

When I first started this blog and I began my training, I found it so hard to run for even 3 minutes at a time. I can now run 8 minutes without slowing down and can complete a 5k pretty comfortably. Yesterday I ran 6.8km in 45 minutes. I was absolutely knackered afterwards, mainly because it was so hot, and also because I haven’t run that far in years. I was really proud of myself for that!

It shows me that I can do a 10k. Realistically, I’m not the world’s fittest person right now, but I know that I can manage it. I won’t be trying to break any records, but I’m aiming to complete it in 1hr 20mins. All I want to do is finish it really. I’m raising funds for Dogs Trust, so I really want to make everyone proud.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep training and just do my best on the day. The fact that I’m even doing this is an achievement for me and it’s more about personal growth and achieving my goals. So, ring it on!



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