Second race of the year…..done!

Today I completed my second Innovation Sports Clapham Common 5K, and I did alright.

Arriving at the pagoda in Clapham Common. Runners starting to arrive.

Runners heading over to the Registration area.

It was quite a hot day, so I made sure I had loads of water before the start of the race. I met a friend of mine there and we did the run together. Although, he’s a lot fitter than I am, so he ran a much better time than I did. It was a good race though! I finished in 37mins.

Me. Looking fresh faced before the start of the race.

My Race Number.

Well, I stuck to all the points I wanted to from my previous post, and I think it really helped. In the end, I managed to shave 2mins off my previous time and I’m really happy with that. However, there’s something that keeps bugging me….

I know I can run 5K in 33mins. I’ve done it before. Although, truth be told, my average time for running a 5K is 35mins, and I can run it comfortably. Yet, come race day and I really struggle. Today was really hard for me, and here’s my theory why…

  1. The terrain was different from the route I normally do in the park. There were loads more uphills and downhills which could’ve slowed me down a bit.
  2. I think the simple fact that I’m actually participating in a race is quite intimidating to me and it might throw me off a bit.
  3. When I go for a run in the park, I’m not worrying or thinking about my pace. I just run whichever route I take a fancy to and end up finishing in a really good time. But when I run a race, I have to run in certain demarcated areas and routes, and I think this might mess with my head a little bit.
  4. Today, I ran with my Nike Ipod which keeps track of my pace, distance and time. It turns out the race course is actually 5.5K and not 5K as stated. So I did run an extra half kilometre, which means my finishing time is not too bad.

Well, all in all, I’m pleased with my run today. I achieved what I set out to, which was to beat my previous time for this race. I can only get better! So, I’ll leave you all with a shocker of a picture of me after the race! 😉

Finished & with a medal in hand!



4 thoughts on “Second race of the year…..done!

  1. Well done you!!! Just remember however that I will NOT be running the Race for Life 5K in 2 weeks as this was never my intention but will sure as hell not hold you back….or try to keep up for that matter! 😉
    P.S Bought a pink shirt today!!!

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