British 10K…..Done!

I DID IT!! I frikkin did it! This was my first ever 10K and I finished it in a good time. I was aiming for 1hr20 and I actually finished in 1hr18……I almost couldn’t believe it when I crossed the finish line, but I did it.

The start was a little overwhelming as there were almost 50, 000 runners taking part. I couldn’t believe the amount of people running on the day. It took me almost 7mins just to get across the starting line after the gun went and I heard it took others almost 20mins! Well, the first 2.5km went really well and I think I actually ran the first 3km which I was really happy with.

British 10K runners along Embankment

However, when I hit the long stretch between Embankment and St. Paul’s, I really hit a wall. I think it was mainly between 4km-7km and I had to walk a lot. I found it really hard to keep running, but I set myself those small targets I told you all about in my previous post, and it really worked. I just kept on concentrating on running 7 or 8mins at a time and stuck to it. Eventually I got myself into a rhythm and tried to distract myself from the distances and how far I still had to go. 10km is really far! 😉

That's me in the yellow and black top!

My boyfriend was there to cheer for me on the day and I actually saw him in the crowds! He managed to get the above pic of me in action…not my best photo, but it’s proof I did it.

My other problem was about halfway through I started getting a huge blister on my right foot. It was really painful when I ran, but I just tried to force myself not to think about it and I had to run on the side of my foot for a few stretches. At least my shins held up on the day and I didn’t have any problems with that, which I was really worried about.

There were almost 50,000 runners!

The best feeling came around the 8K mark when I realised how close I was to the finish. I had my iPod blaring and all the spectators were cheering us on, which really helped with the last push. Seeing the finish was the most amazing feeling, and it really spurs you on to finish strong. I had a little energy left, so I ran most of the last kilometre. Looking at my watch as I crossed the finish line was an incredible feeling! I couldn’t believe that I actually did it! I had run 10km.

It was a really great race and definitely something I’d like to do every year. Perhaps aim to improve my time each year I run it….The spectators were fantastic and most of the runners were running for charities, so I never felt like I was racing anyone and I could just run at my own pace. The organisers and my fellow runners were all really positive and we all encouraged each other.

YAY!! My first 10K......Done.

In closing, I am really proud of myself and I don’t care who knows it. I went into this race really scared and nervous, but I conquered my fears and I did what I set out to do. I might be attributing a bit too much to finishing this race, but it’s really given me confidence. I can do something that I really set my mind to. I might not have been the fastest person on the day, but I finished it and I wasn’t stone last.

It makes me think……what else am I capable of doing?





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