Race for Life 2011…a great day out & all for a great cause!

Yesterday, my friend Elizma and I took part in the Cancer Research Race for Life 5K in Hyde Park, London. What a fantastic day! I would recommend this race to anyone, and not just because all the money raised goes towards Cancer Research (which is really important), but also because all the supporters and race stewards were amazing and really encouraging on the day. The atmosphere was just fantastic and I loved every minute of this race!

This is what 15, 000 women dressed in pink looks like!

Elizma and I showed up early and started dressing in our finest “pink-ery” along with about 15, 000 other women. It really was an incredible sight….a sea of pink! There was also loads of entertainment before the start of the race and we had a great warm up routine. So, finally we were all ready and warmed up for the start!

Elizma & I at the start of the race!


Even adorable dogs supported the cause!


At the start!

The start of the race was pretty intense, mainly just because of the amount of people, but after a while it started thinning out a bit and the two of could really start “power walking”. The walk itself was really beautiful and scenic, and even took us around parts of Hyde Park that I’d never seen before, so that was really fun. However, the heavens decided to open and we got absolutely drenched a few times. At least it wasn’t cold, so despite us being wet, we still enjoyed it. I was actually quite glad that it was such a cool day, as it made it a bit easier.

Rainclouds in the background!

I was also really happy with our finishing time. We walked the 5K in 53mins, which really isn’t bad. My legs were getting a little bit sore towards the end, but we powered through and finished with a good time. All the supporters and staff at the end of the race were incredible and the whole event was all really well organised.
With our medals at the finish line!

I know I’ve already said this, but I will definitely be doing this race again next year. It was just so much fun! And next time, Elizma and I are aiming to join the “joggers” section and improve on this year’s time.

What a great day!!

2 thoughts on “Race for Life 2011…a great day out & all for a great cause!

    • Thanks Kat! It really was so much fun & any excuse you wear my awesome pink wig! Heheheheeee!! I would really recommend this race to anyone….it was awesome! xxx

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