Chillaxing….for a change!

I am very excited about this weekend, and it has nothing to do with training for a change! This will be the first weekend in about a month where I don’t have to get up early to partake in any races or anything of the sort, and I can’t wait for it to actually begin.

A while ago my boyfriend got me a massage voucher and I’m finally able to cash in on it. I’ve booked myself in for an hour-long massage tomorrow morning, after which I’m being taken out for lunch and then off to the movies. Tomorrow evening we’ve got friends’ engagement party to go to, where I can actually let my hair down a little without worrying about getting up early on Sunday. Best of all……Sunday I’m sleeping in!

Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely loved doing every single one of the races I did recently, but I’m also excited to have some “down time”. I’ve also been going to the gym pretty regularly during the week, so it’s going to be great to just take it easy.

Well, here’s to resting my little legs for 2 days…..Back again with a vengeance on Monday though! 😉



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