A visit to the good doctor…

So, I went to the doctor this morning and felt like such a tool!


Doctor: “So, you say you keep getting a bump on your shin after running?”

Lynne: “Yes Doctor, it’s extremely painful and very sensitive, so I keep having to rest my legs which is a set back every     time.”

Doctor: “Okay, let’s have a look at your leg.”


Doctor: “Yeah, there’s nothing there.”

Lynne: “Well, I know there’s nothing there now. But I’m just telling you what happens when I go for a run.”

Doctor: “Yeah……..I’m going to print off some information on shin splints for you to read.”

**PRINTS OFF INFO FROM GOOGLE** (Which incidentally I could have done myself!)

Lynne: “Well, I’ve read up quite extensively on shin splints and I’m doing everything I can to prevent them. But what        worries me is this massive bump I get on my shin. Surely that’s not normal.”

Doctor: “But there’s no bump…..”

Lynne: “Ofcourse not. I’ve rested my leg for a week now and the bump’s gone down.”

Doctor: “I suppose I could refer you to a physio if you wanted me to.”

Lynne: “Fine.”

Doctor: “Okay then.”

Lynne: “Thank you.”

Doctor: “Bye.”


And that concludes my visit to the doctor. I felt like such an idiot and from the doctor’s attitude, she really didn’t help me feel any different. She couldn’t even tell me if the HUGE bump I get on my shin should be something to worry about or not. Great help she was!

Well, at least I got a physio appointment out of all of this. Let’s hope they can shed some more light on why this keeps happening. I know for damn sure what I’ll be doing the night before my physio appointment….

I’ll be caning it on a long run so I show up with a massive bump on this damn shin of mine. Hopefully someone will believe me then!



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