Snacking…My Everest.

I’m writing today with a quick update on the status quo…..

I’ve spent the last two days at home being quiet. Very, very quiet. Let me explain……I woke up yesterday morning with no voice, so went to see the doctor. The verdict? Laryngitis. I’m a receptionist and my job entails speaking to people all day every day. So, as you’ve probably already guessed, Laryngitis and my job don’t really go hand in hand. Ergo, I’ve been at home for two days….

It’s very strange to be feeling okay, but just have no voice. I mean, I’m a bit head-achey, but otherwise I don’t feel terrible. My boyfriend, Greg, is loving the peace and quiet though. As he so eloquently put it…”a couple of nag-free days”. He’s even given me a new nickname….Larry Laryngitis. At least this is fun for one of us! 😉

Puddy & I snoozing on the couch yesterday!

Well, being off from work isn’t all perks. I’ve actually been a bit bored! Yesterday I spent the day on the couch watching day time telly (with the cat!) and just generally feeling sorry for myself. So, when I woke up today, I felt I had to do something…….I’ve cleaned the entire house (which really did take me quite some time), done some filing, read one trashy magazine, caught up with some correspondence and did some blogging. Not too bad, eh? The problem though is food. My usual habit is to snack when I’m at home. With this new Weight Watchers ProPoints system I’m following, I really didn’t want to ruin all the hard work I did last week. So today has not been easy!

Puddy helping me with my blogging!

I know it sounds a little crazy, but I think one of the reasons that I’ve kept myself so busy today is to keep myself from snacking. At one point, I even considered walking up to the cornershop for a bag of crisps or a chocolate! But it’s been really tough, because when you’re home alone you always tend to go for things that are the quickest and easiest to make. For instance, cheesy toast, pasta, pastry from the cornershop, etc….

Snacking has always been a problem for me. I think I’m only eating a little here or a little there, but it all adds up. And who ever snacks on anything healthy? Not me. If given the choice between snacking on some crisps or fruit, I will always go with the crisps. Always. That’s why staying at home with nothing much to do is so hard for me……inevitably, I will end up snacking. Mainly out of laziness.

So, I’m happy to report that I resisted temptation and remained indoors and stuck to my WW menu for the day. The amount of times I walked past the kitchen cupboards/fridge eyeing up the contents was more than I should probably admit to. So, I’m really pleased with myself for not giving in. It would’ve been so easy to lose the battle of wills between my stomach and my brain today, but today the brain won. Yay! Everest!

And to top it all off, I got a beautiful bunch of daisies from Greg to make me feel better. Although I think it might be a peace-offering to “Larry Laryngitis” and her no nagging. Either way, I love them and they really have made me feel better, even though I could only whisper “Thank You”!


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6 thoughts on “Snacking…My Everest.

  1. Very proud of you! It takes 28 days to break a habit, that’s why people go to rehab for 28 days. So keep this up for 28 days and you will no longer crave sugary and salty snacks and you will “retrain” your taste buds to like fruit, yogurts, hummus, etc as snacks :o)

    Have an awesome weekend, I’m off to Nelspruit to visit my parents!


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