More Good News!

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks either working really hard or partying really hard. It’s had a pretty detrimental impact on both my brain/tiredness levels and also my liver. I feel as if I’ve finally had a chance to balance things out again. I’m getting back into my healthy routines and am starting to feel “normal” again!

The reason? I celebrated my 28th Birthday on Saturday and have been celebrating for just over a week! I’m not usually the type of person who “paints the town red”, so to speak, but I do every year on my birthday. If there is one thing people need to understand about me, it’s that I love my birthday. I go large! Why am I telling you guys this? Well, the healthy eating and loads of exercise flew out of the window a little while ago. Ooops! Also, I’ve missed the last two Weight Watchers meetings. One week was because I did a late shift at work and wouldn’t have made it there in time anyway, and the other was because I went to see Bob Dylan in concert. The other thing people should know about me is that I love Bob Dylan (I still find him attractive…is that weird?). So there was absolutely no way that I was going to cancel the chance to see Dylan to go to a Weight Watchers meeting!

Above is a YouTube video as proof of me attending the Bob Dylan concert! 🙂

With this little bit of background information, I’m sure you can all understand my trepidation of going to this week’s Weight Watchers meeting. The anticipation of finding out that I picked up a pound or two again during the last few weeks was enough to getting the nerves fluttering. Oh the shame! So with lingering feelings of guilt, I stepped on the scale and nearly fell off when the lady told me I’d lost 3 pounds (for those whose brains work in metric….that’s 1.3kg). I was in shock and even asked her to double-check! It turns out the scale was right the first time. Yay!! So, since joining WW a month ago, I’ve lost just under 3kg which is fantastic and I’m really pleased about it.

So, after my two weeks of “debauchery” I’ll be returning to my healthier ways and hopefully shed a pound or two this week before my next WW meeting. I would raise a glass to that, but my poor liver won’t have any of it! 😉


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5 thoughts on “More Good News!

  1. You are forgiven, Bob Dylan is a legend and he is a priority :o)

    Congrats on loosing weight!! That’s fantastic, this should keep you motivated my friend, a little bit every month is the way to go! Keep it up!

    Very proud of you :o)

    Lots of love

  2. Well done my friend!! my theory is that whe you are heartily enjoying yourself/the food you’re putting in your mouth/ the places and thing you are doing, everything else falls into place. life i there to be enjoyid, not stressed over. and the proof is in the pudding so to speak! i love you very much and am so proud of what you are doing here. HOW lucky am I to have such a brave friend?

    • Thanks Daneeel! You are so right though….just letting go of every day hang ups makes you feel so much happier and “lighter”! The things you end up being self-conscious about are the things nobody else cares about. Sometimes easier said than done though, but every day is a new day.
      Missing you loads my friend! Love you lots xxx

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