November….Yay or Nay?

A month ago, I wrote a blog post entitled “9 Things for November”, so I thought I’d have a look at the past month and give you guys a bit of an update on how it went….

1. Attend WW Meetings every Monday

Well, I did okay considering I had to miss one week due to working a late shift and the other because I went to see the legend that is Bob Dylan in concert. So, I’d say that I attended at least half of the meetings. It doesn’t sound that good, but I still managed to lose 3kg this month so I must be doing something right!

2. Plan Ahead!

Again, I’ve been pretty good with this. Although plans kind of went out of the window over my birthday week. This was mainly due to me being out and about a lot, so I didn’t really have much chance to cook meals for myself and ate out a lot. However, despite this, I’ve still managed to lose weight, so all is not lost.

3. Hit that gym HARD!

I’m going to be honest here, and say I pretty much failed at this point. Mainly because I spent most of November with all kinds of illnesses (laryngitis, sinus infection and I managed to strain the ligaments in my right foot!). So, I only managed to get to the gym a handful of times. Not so good, but I’m back in the groove and things can only improve now that I’m feeling better.

4. Start doing Pilates

Giant Fail! I didn’t even go once. I’ve been really bad, I know…..I think it was a combination of laziness (the Pilates class is at 8:30am on a Saturday morning! Seriously), and just mainly having spent most weekends last month recovering from birthday hangovers. I must do better, so watch this space….

5. Switch off the Telly!

Now, this I fared much better at. I still end up watching quite a bit of telly on the weekend, but I’ve been seriously cutting down during the week. The results have been pretty good too….I get to bed earlier, so sleep better; I get more done in the evenings; and I just have more time to chill out and do some reading before I fall asleep which is always nice. And as a bonus, I’ve been waking up happier (for the most part at least….I’m not really a morning person!).

6. Eat at the Dinner Table

I’d say that I’ve managed this about half the time. Greg and I have had a pretty busy month,  so we have been eating at the dinner table quite often during week days. It’s been really nice too, because we have a little bit of “us time” and we get to talk about our day, etc. This is definitely something I’ll keep doing!

7. Less Wine!

Now, this is the surprising one! Much to my surprise (and Greg’s!), I’ve actually managed to drink less wine this past month. A lot less wine. So much less, that it led to my boyfriend asking…“Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend??”. Hehehee!   I also think this has had a big effect on my weight loss in November. There’s a lot of calories in a glass of wine, so by taking it out of the equation more often, it’ll really aid my weight loss in the future.

8. Paint more!

Another giant Fail! I did no painting whatsoever. Again, it was a combination of laziness and me lying in front of the telly on the weekend recovering from birthday drinking. Bad. I know. I will do better.

9. A little something nice!

My lovely friends Nat & Jo took me out shopping before my birthday. I bought two new tops which I love. I also bought myself a new pair of black jeans, so I got to wear a great new outfit for my birthday parties and I felt great!

So, that’s the update. Overall, I didn’t really do as well as I wanted to, and it sounds like I have loads of excuses for various things, but in the end I still got results. I managed to lose weight and I’ve implemented a few things that have really helped me and that I’ll keep doing. All I can say at this point, is that I can only improve, right?

Although, I’m a bit worried about my regime with Christmas coming up. But that’s a whole new post! 🙂


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4 thoughts on “November….Yay or Nay?

  1. The fantastic thing is that at least you gave yourself goals, you know what you want and you re aiming to achieve them. Indeed, you do have lots of excused but don’t we all, the key is to have less excused and just do it!

    Best of luck for this month, another 3kg!!!! :o)

    Lots of love

    • Hi Helena!
      Apologies for my long absence….Perhaps my “Apologies” post might explain things better. Have you ever felt like that? Well, Happy New Year! 🙂 x

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