Why I’ve left Weight Watchers…

Today I decided to cancel my Weight Watchers membership. I know there might be some people out there that might not agree with this, but my reasons are as follows….

  • I can’t always find the time to attend specific sessions, which in turn means that I don’t have regular “weigh-ins”. I do try my best, but sometimes it’s just not possible to get to every week’s session.
  • I pay £20 a month for a service I can’t always attend. It just seems silly to pay money for something that I’m not getting a full service out of.
  • Their online weight loss tools are really effective, but I find that it’s not as accurate and user-friendly as I’d anticipated. I sometimes don’t always have time to update this every day, so end up missing days of logging food. This in turn is not an accurate record of what I’m eating every week.
  • The meetings were interesting, but in the long run, they weren’t as supporting as I’d hoped for. I’m not quite sure what I expected in the first place, but it wasn’t really what I was looking for. 
  • The “weigh-ins” were really helpful to begin with, but eventually I found them really demotivating. It always seemed that on the weeks where I’d be working really hard on eating right and exercising, I’d end up gaining weight. Then on the weeks where I’d been less strict with myself, I’d lose weight. It just got to the point where I couldn’t wrap my head around it, and they kept asking me if I was really following the program properly! I ended up feeling really frustrated and would turn to food to make me feel better.
  • Most importantly, I found that they didn’t really address a person’s relationship with food. It all boiled down to points you were consuming every day. Even if I was eating less healthy food, I’d just try to make sure I didn’t go over my daily points. And if I did, I’d just add them onto my weekly points and would sometimes even go over on those! It just seemed that I never really addressed my lifestyle in relation to food. I just ended up trying to cheat the system so that I could still eat what I was eating before and get away with it! 

Well, there are my reasons. I just want to reiterate that these are my personal views, and Weight Watchers might have worked wonders for others. Everyone’s different, and unfortunately this just never really worked for me. I tried, I really did, but it just wasn’t meant to be for me.

In the meantime, I’m still sticking to my gym schedule and am trying to address my issues around food.

Every day as it comes right?!


8 thoughts on “Why I’ve left Weight Watchers…

    • Thanks for your kind words April! At least I can say that I’ve tried it, unfortunately it just wasn’t for me. Well, as you said….only I’ll know what’s best for me. x

  1. Hi lynne, I totally heAr u. I think really that you just have to keep trying to find the right, diet/ food plan that works for you and is suited to your lifestyle. Good luck. Have you ever thought of speaking to a nutritionist or dietitian before?

    • Hey Kat! I think I just have to conquer the whole mind over matter thing…..persistence is the key perhaps. I’ve seen a nutritionist, but the advice was really “finnicky”, so I never really followed through. I think at the end of the day, we all know what to do to lose weight. It’s just putting it in practice and finding the best way to adjust your lifestyle to it. I think I’m getting there though, but it’s probably something I’ll struggle with forever. xxx

  2. Keep going Lynnie..its hard theres no easy way unless you win the lotto and get all ya fat sucked outta ya…haaaaa…heres hoping 😉 I tried weight watchers before but gave up too as I could never stay within my ‘points’ and was starving at 11am so fell off the wagon all too frequently…keep strong aiiiiiiiiiiiight …btw you see I finally signed up 😉 xxx

    • Hey Sash! Thanks for the subscription! 🙂
      Yeah, I finally just had to be honest with myself about WW, and it just wasn’t helping. I’ve just got to take it a day at a time & keep the will power going. Sometimes you kinda lose the faith a bit, but as long as I keep aiming in the right direction I’ll eventually get there! Thanks for the support Sash…..means a lot baby! xxx

  3. Go friend!it takes a brave person to know what doesn’t work for them and then actually do something about it! Also, I support what you said about it being about your relationship with food and in fact your relationship with you body. I love you dearly.

    • Thanks Daneeel!! It’s all trial and error….I’m hoping that sooner rather than later I’ll find something that really works for me. But at the moment, I have to say that I’m feeling really positive about things and that really helps. When you’re feeling negative, it ends up affecting every aspect of your life and it reflects that way to other people too. But for now, I’m feeling good, so I’m happy! 🙂 Love you lots Daneeel xxx

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