Now What?

Since quitting (horrible word!) Weight Watchers, I’ve been trying to “re-strategise” my weight loss approach. Here’s what I’ve come up with….Please tell me what you think!

  • Smaller Goals. I need to stop thinking about how much I have to lose, or how often I have to go to the gym, or how long I have to run on the treadmill, or what I’m cutting out of my diet, etc….I have to start setting myself smaller goals. As in: For the next 3 weeks, I’m going to go to gym 3 times a week or more; or, I will cook & prepare all my meals at home for the next 2 weeks, etc. You see where I’m going with this?
  • Reward Myself. If I can stick to these smaller goals I set, I can reward myself when I achieve them. I’m not talking about food rewards, I mean a new top or something nice for me. Like a little reminder of what I’ve achieved, but something that won’t break the bank either! 😉
  • Patience. I really struggle with this sometimes. Contrary to what logic tells me, I always end up with unrealistic expectations. For instance, I think that by going to gym 4 times in one week will magically make me fit into that one top I’ve been trying on for ages but that just doesn’t fit…yet. Unrealistic. Weight loss takes time, and instead of getting disheartened, I should just stick to my guns and power through!
  • Consistency. By this, I mean not only consistently sticking to the goals I’ve set for myself, but now that I don’t have my weekly weigh ins with WW anymore, I’m going back to doing it bi-weekly, and then posting it here to keep tabs on how I’m doing.

Well, that’s it for now. Nothing too extraordinary, but achievable. I didn’t want to end up juggling too much and invariably drop a few balls along the way. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. hey Lynne, smaller goals work well, but don’t let them mean you achieve less! 🙂
    Also have you considered visiting a nutritionist to perhaps create a personal diet for you? everyone is different, and reacts differently to food that they eat. I think this is why general diet programs like weight watchers, and weighless don’t work for everyone as they have been created not for a specific person.

    i say this because I have tried the weighless diets, and just found them frustrating, they didnt fit with my daily schedule, and made eating out so tricky. My sister recently visited a nutritionist in JHB who created a diet specifically for her based on her blood type. I don’t know the science that goes into this, but she was able to loose 15 kg in about 4 months. It was a hardcore diet, but i have been trying it (less strictly) and it has really worked ive lost 12kg since November.

    I’m not sure that it can work for everyone, but keep doing research, and you will find what works for you! I also applaud you for even going to the gym! My exercise only entails walking to work and back every day and taking the stairs!!!

    Keep it up!

    • Hey Kat,

      I know what you mean….I was watching a program the other day and they said that the future of weight loss is individual fitness plans. Because people respond differently to food and exercise, every individual would have a personal plan for specific foods and types of exercise that would work for them.
      I don’t know if these “diets” are just not working for me, or if I’m just not trying hard enough! Sometimes I just wish I could wake up and magically be thin without having to change anything about my life….but, who doesn’t, right? 😉
      I’m just not sure where exactly I’m getting stuck. I suspect it’s my lack of perseverance and follow-through!
      Anyhoo, thanks for the vote of confidence Kat. Much appreciated!

      • i totally felt the same way, im exactly the same, i want fast results, with no effort or input hahah Or hey give me a pill that just melts fat! haha

        seriously though, I cut all bread, rice, and pasta from my diet, and that worked pretty fast. Also small portions seem to work… but it doesnt if you are exercising a lot as your body needs energy, so you have to be careful or you end up being unhealthy on the other side of the spectrum.

        you just have to find the right balance i guess. my sister wasnt allowed to do any strenuous exercise on her diet because the amounts of food she was allowed to eat were only to get her through the day. think she could do pilates, but she lost the weight fast.

        basically it seems we who struggle with weight are going to have to be on diet for ever. I try to be careful during the week, and then on weekends eat breads etc, but in small portions. Seems to work, but it is a bit depressing to think that i will never be able to eat peanut buttered white toast with syrup and a side order of pop corn and a big milk tea while watching TV everyday! (like i used to as a kid…. booooo)

        good luck hon!

      • Thanks Kat! A lot of people don’t understand how hard this actually is….it’s an every day battle which I’ll probably be fighting for ever. Ditto on the wishing for a peanut buttered slice of white bread!! Heheheee! x

  2. oh I am so with you on how hard it is to give up the things you love! I went to low carb, like, so low carb the only carbs I get are the ones naturally occurring in veggies, fruit and meat…it makes me want to cry cause my abso fave food is of course bread lol.
    people just don’t realize how everyday can be a struggle against what you want vs what you know you should be eating, or what you want to do vs going and exercising. some people thrive on the strict eating plan and love to exercise and kudos to them, I wish I was like that cause then the battle to lose weight wouldn’t be so hard but oh well, we gotta work with what we have right?
    I think individualized plans are the way to go, I found weight watchers worked but only to a point, then I plateaued for so long I lost all motivation to work the program cause my body just wouldn’t drop anymore weight.
    Small goals are great, just make sure they are challenging enough you have to work to reach them, and I love the idea of treating yourself with a new top, that’s what I did when I was actively losing weight (before my plateau) and what I’ll start doing once this new plan kicks in and I start losing weight again, who doesn’t love shopping for clothes and shoes? and don’t forget bags! lol

    • Hi Hun!
      You are so right….it literally is a battle you fight with yourself every single day! I’ve always thought that weight loss is about 30% healthy eating & exercise and the rest is all mental. It’s like re-programming your brain somehow!
      I once tried no-carbs and it really didn’t end well. My boyfriend and I refer to it as “The Roll Incident of 2008″…..basically, I hadn’t had any bread for over a month, and one night, my boyfriend brought home some take-out. I’d texted him to ask to bring me home one small bread roll, but he never got my text. When he got home and I discovered there was no roll, I basically had a complete emotional break down! It started with some choice language over him forgetting my roll and ended up with me in tears because I felt like a troll! Hahahahahaaa!!! Scary.
      So, I’m a bit wary of “no carbs”, but I am trying to cut down….
      Thanks for your encouragement though, I really appreciate it! I’ll keep you updated on how it goes! 🙂

      • oh my gosh that is too funny! I had the same thing happen when i had to go on a no sugar diet for other health issues, i totally freaked out, it was the worst! if it makes you loopy def don’t do no carbs!!! you have to be able to enjoy your life, if you are unhappy it just doesnt make it worth it!!
        Good luck finding the plan thats perfect for you! I’m sure you will!!!

      • oh dear! the fact that your breakdown has a name an everything is funny and yet kinda scary…lol. I had a mini breakdown week three of this program, I got a magazine in the mail that was all dairy type recipes, so lots of cheese on top of pastas and rice and potatoes…an entire magazine and not one recipe I could actually try out. Combine that with being exhausted from just getting home from the gym and going through massive carb withdrawal I almost started crying, right there in the kitchen, over a stupid free magazine with recipes in it! lol I think it’s funny now but on that day I was in some kind of crazy dark no carb kind of place 😛 The things we put ourselves through to lose weight!

      • I know, right!?! Your breakdown sounds really funny…..It’s also such a “female” thing to do. I say….have the breakdown and get over it! 🙂 It just cracks me up when things like that happen……and oh so true about the things we put ourselves through to lose weight! 🙂

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