The Lurgies. Again.

I spent the whole of last week struck down with some severe “lurgies”! I was not happy. It meant I couldn’t do my usual gym routine, I didn’t eat properly, I felt terrible and I even had to miss a friend’s birthday party. Very uncool.

What bothered me the most, was the fact that when I told people that I was ill, a lot of people responded with the following: “Sick? Again?” This really got me thinking, and it’s true, I’m constantly sick. This time around it was a throat infection and when I asked the doctor what could’ve caused it, he told me that it was probably caused by stress or just a low immune system. Well, if that’s the case, I’ve seriously got to start doing something about it. I don’t want people to think I’m this sickly weakling….

So, I’ve been googling some stuff (you know, as you as do….DIY Diagnosis), and I found the following article…..

It’s 10 ways to boost your immune system and I really think I should give it a go. There are some interesting points, for example, cutting out sugar & coffee. Now I know I can cut out sugar, but not the coffee, so I might only have one coffee a day, but with no sugar?! Perhaps if I even just pick a few of the things, I might start feeling a little better.

It seems as if every time I start out really healthy and exercising regularly, there’s always some kind of ailment that stops me in my tracks, and I’m done with it! Another question might be….is it my subconscious that’s creating these illnesses so that I don’t have to exercise? Or maybe it’s fate telling me that I should really be a fatty! 😉 But that’s a whole other discussion!

In the meantime, I’m going to make a concerted effort to try these immune boosting tips…


4 thoughts on “The Lurgies. Again.

  1. Our chiropractor gave us the best advice a couple of years ago and it really works, have been doing it now for a long time! Daily supplement of:
    * 1-2 x zinc tablets (this is good for handling stress and boost your immune system. One tablet is usually fine but during more stressful times take 2)
    * 1 x vitamin C tablet daily
    * 1 x vitamin D3 daily
    In addition to this I also drink a daily probiotic, and I have cut back to 1 coffee (with milk and sugar) a day which I think made a huge difference.
    Try not to take your vitamins within half an hour of drinking coffee as this hinders the absorption.
    That’s all I have but like I said it really does work – we only get a cold or the flu max twice a season (and now I have probably just jinxed it!)

    • Thanks Elizma! That’s really helpful dude…..I’m totally gonna give that a try. I really need to do something about this, coz it feels as if I’m constantly sick! It’s incredibly frustrating at times, because it just stops you in your tracks and when you finally feel better, you have to start all over again…. x

  2. Cutting sugar and any carbs besides fruit and veg will make a huge difference in your immune system and how well it can respond when you get a bug. If you think about the fact that grains and sugar can cause widespread inflammation within your body, it is clear why, when you get a cold or flu bug, your body has little resources left with which to fight that off. Eliminating sugar is a huge start! Also, certain yeasts (candida) and bacterias use the sugar that you’re eating to grow… if your immune system is off or overworked, those yeasts and bacteria can grow out of control with plenty of delicious sugar to consume. Not trying to be gross….but it’s well worth the effort to cut back or eliminate sugar and grains.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    • Wow! Great advice hun…..I’ll definitely give that a go! Just sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time! 😉
      I’ll let you know how it goes….xx
      PS: It’s gonna be tough…I love them carbs! 😉

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