Liar, liar pants on fire!

I came across an interesting article on the Yahoo website recently which rang true……It was titled Food Fibs that will make you Fat and you can read it here.

No matter who you are, you know you’ve done at least one of these things. I know I’m pretty much guilty of all of them, so let me share a few now……

I exercised today so I can have it: I do this all the time! I justify the bigger plate of food because I went to gym that day. I need to get it in my brain that by doing that, I’m just stalling in the same place. I have positive reinforcement for the exercise I’m doing, but undo all of it by not lowering my calorie intake. A vicious circle I tell you!

I deserve it: I believe that everyone deserves a reward for achieving weight loss goals, but these rewards shouldn’t be food. I do that sometimes, but am trying re-programme myself to instead buy myself something nice that I can use or hold on to. Perhaps a new top, or a new haircut….whatever doesn’t go in my belly to undo all my hard work!

I’ll never eat that again: Yes you will. Simple as that. Don’t ever deny yourself a type of food because you’ll just be making it that much more appealing. Inevitably the temptation will become too much and you’ll break down. I once tried cutting out all bread, and I lasted for a month. Then I had a total mental breakdown….my boyfriend and I refer to it as the “Bread Roll Incident of 2008”. It was not pretty. So my advice….never cut something out. It’ll all go downhill pretty fast!

It’s a salad, so it’s fine: I try to keep my salads pretty healthy, but I can fall into this trap sometimes. I love a good salad, but occasionally it’ll include way too many carbs or oily dressings. As long as 9 times out of 10, I try to keep it really healthy, it’s all good in my book. Just be careful of being tricked by the assumption or appearance of low calories and pay attention to what’s really in there!

It’s a waste to throw food away: This is something I’ve always struggled with. Growing up, my brother and I were always told to finish all our meals and you’re taught to appreciate the food on your plate. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good upbringing, but sometimes you’ve got to be more sensible about how much you’re eating. You shouldn’t be made to feel guilty about not finishing everything on your plate, at the risk of your own health. You can say no sometimes. The simple truth is….when you’re full, stop eating.

Well, there are a few more points in the article, so please have a read here if you want. It’s not easy programming your brain to think differently about various aspects of your nutrition.  In all honesty, I used to be absolutely stick thin and I never had to worry about my attitude to food. I could eat what I want, when I wanted to. 8 years on, I’m still struggling with merging my reality with years of not having to worry about what I eat. It’s not easy, but perhaps I can try to tell myself fewer of these little white lies, perhaps it’ll be a start.

Are there any other fibs you tell yourself? I’d love to hear from you all…..



4 thoughts on “Liar, liar pants on fire!

  1. That first one is a biggie that I’m sure most of us struggle with. It’s hard to workout hard and then eat an apple as a ‘reward’ because we feel like we deserve so much more….when in fact, we don’t, We have to remember it’s natural to get exercise, not a reward-worthy event!

    • Thanks for your comment Shanny! I really love how you describe it…”It’s natural to get exercise, not a reward-worthy event”! I’m really going to remember that one xxx

  2. My biggest ones are It wasnt that unhealthy or bad, like trying to justify a whooper with cheese is just protein with salad with carbs! Ridiculous I know but makes me feel better ! Or in the gym only enduring a boring gruelling session on the running machine to specifically burn a number of calories that will ‘cancel’ out that chocolate muffin. Instead of running for exercise or enjoyment it equates to a negative chore related to food consumption! Xx

    • Tell me about it! Like when you start overthinking something, it becomes this massive chore, instead of just doing it. I know I’m capable of justifying anything to myself, but guilt will inevitably follow. The question is….why can’t we just put all the energy we use to getting out of exercising or eating bad foods, to just focus on losing weight? 😉

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