My second 10K under the belt!

Today I ran my second ever British 10K and it was really great!

I woke up this morning praying for cold and rainy weather as I was really worried about how I would hold up in a fox suit. Imagine my relief that it was just that….I showed up for the race in the rain! I think the universe must really like me at the moment.

When I finally joined the runners at the start of the race, I was right towards the end, and you can imagine with 40, 000 odd runners, it took me quite a while to finally cross the start line and begin my run. The first 3km went really well and I ran all the way, but after that, the  fox head started getting really hot, so I walked the next kilometre.

Me right around the 3km mark!

The stretch between Embankment and Blackfriars is really hard for me, so after the 4km mark, I ran some and then walked some. Just before the 7km mark, I thought I’d start running again, but when I did, I started feeling really dizzy, so thought I’d take it easy and I pretty much walked the rest of the way. That fox head was damn hot!

One foxy arse! 😉

Well, I did manage to run the last 400m to the finish line. Crossing it was such a great feeling! Although the first thing I did, was pull off that giant fox head! Also, I managed to complete the run in 1hr23, which I’m super stoked about. Last year, I ran it in 1hr18 – minus a fox suit! So overall, I’m really happy with the result.

Done! With my medal after the race…

One thing I do have to mention though is the atmosphere along the race route. It was absolutely incredible! I had constant screams of support…”Go Foxy!”, “Foxy, you can do it!”, etc. It was great. I even had requests for high fives and had loads of other runners commenting on my costume. The support you get along the way really spurs you on and I can’t emphasise how much it helps.

Proof that it’s actually me in the suit!

All in all, I had such a great day and am definitely thinking of doing it again next year!


3 thoughts on “My second 10K under the belt!

    • Thanks Dan!! It was pretty tough going in that suit, but really pleased with my time. It was a really good day, and although I’m in a fair amount of pain right now, it was totally worth it! 🙂

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