DIY: The Ultimate Workout.

Ever read articles telling you what the best workout is, or how to effectively lose weight? Well, I’ve finally got the answer…..MOVE HOUSE!

I’ve spent the last month packing boxes, unpacking boxes,scrubbing houses clean, painting walls, etc. and let me tell you right now, it’ll be the best exercise you’ll ever do. Speaking as one who’s never had to paint a wall, it’s ball-busting work. I didn’t even hurt that much after running 10K in a damn fox suit!

Blood, sweat and tears have gone into scrubbing our last place clean, carrying boxes out of our old place and into our new place (and this includes a massive fridge!). The worst by far was the painting. I now have a whole new respect for those who do this as a profession. After 3 days of painting, I felt like I’d been mugged!

I’ve been in such a dishevelled state for the last while, it actually prompted my boyfriend to say “Wow! It’s nice to see you looking human again!” after finally pulling on a pair of jeans, a top and slapping on some make up last week.

Well, enough moaning……the positive side? I’ve managed to actually lose weight! I suspect it’s around 1.5 – 2kg’s…in a week! Seriously, my clothes are a little looser and I’m feeling pretty good. I’m also trying to keep a closer eye on what I’m eating whilst I’m this  good streak and try to lose as much as I can before our holiday to Morocco in a month.

So, if ever again you hear of or read about the perfect work out, you can tell people it’s total bollocks and to just go paint a wall instead! 🙂


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