The Art of Laughing at Yourself.

Sometimes you’ve just got to look at the funny side of life and recognise that if you don’t join others laughing (at your expense), you might just be taking yourself a little too seriously…..With that in mind, I thought I’d share a funny story with you guys today!

Yesterday morning I was leaving my house for work. I walk down the road to the bus stop that’s just around the corner, where I hop on the bus to the train station. Well, on this particular morning, I could see the bus coming from some way up the road and had to make a split decision….To run, or not to run. I ran.

Well, I suppose you know where this is going…

I don’t know what happened, but half way down, I went flying. It all seemed to happen in slow motion too, and I even tried to self-correct before totally face-planting into the pavement, but alas, there was nothing I could do. Once my chubby body decided on crash landing, there was really no stopping it. I fell and I fell really hard. So hard I think even my brain rattled around a little bit. I went sprawling, and with all the (chubby) momentum behind it, I think I even rolled a little bit. Oh, what I sight I must have made! I had my backpack on, so some helpless turtle images are coming to mind.

At this point I could already hear people laughing, but I think what I did next was the best bit. I was determined to make that damn bus, so mid-roll, I got back up and kept running. Dishevelled, covered in leaves and bleeding from both hands I kept running for the bus. Now, that’s dedication!

I knew that my fall must’ve been pretty entertaining for some, but I wasn’t quite prepared for what was about to happen. Still running towards the bus stop, two construction workers in their van actually slowed down until they were right beside me, one guy leaned out of the passenger side window, pointed at me and laughed so hard, I think he even cried a little bit! I have never quite had that happen and I remember thinking that I’ve at least provided this random person with some entertainment to brighten up their day.

Well, after all of this I still made the bus. Barely, but I did and I was damn proud of myself! Although I did have to pick an awful lot of leaves and twigs from my coat and people were looking at me as if I was a bit of a weirdo, but that’s okay.

I suppose what I’m trying to say with this little story is that sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. Even if you do something ridiculously embarrassing it doesn’t matter because you can’t go through life being all serious. Sometimes you’ve just got to accept that you’re the one that people will be pointing and laughing at and that’s okay. Let’s be honest, if you saw a chubby girl face-planting the pavement at high-speed, you’d be hard-pressed to not pee yourself laughing!

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