12 days later….

Well, my biggest achievement this week is that I got through my first 5-day work week in a month!

I really thought I’d struggle more, but got through a very long, very busy week in one piece. Mainly, I think it’s due to getting loads of sleep and being a little healthier.

On January 1st, I published a post ‘2014 – The Blank Page’ in which I laid out 5 objectives for the new year and 12 days in, I can honestly say that I’ve stuck to them.

I’ve discovered a farmers market not far from home, which has some amazing produce. I bought Jerusalem artichoke, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, delicata squash, butternut and more which has given me an amazing opportunity to experiment with recipes. Some have been a success and others still need a little work!

Having really concentrated on eating well, I had a little slip-up on Friday with surprising effects. Well, I’d had a really long day, the boyfriend was out with friends and I didn’t have the energy to cook anything so popped into the shops and bought a microwave pasta meal. Bad, I know! About an hour after having eaten it, I started feeling really unwell to the point where I was physically ill. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but in a way my body was rejecting this food because it wasn’t healthy. So, I’m keeping to fresh produce and will keep you all posted on progress!

The most surprising development has been the fact that I haven’t had any alcohol at all in 2014. I know this probably makes me sound like a borderline alcoholic, but if you know me, you know I love a glass of vino in the evening, so this really is a major feat for me. I’ve also come across this article stating the benefits of cutting out booze for – makes for interesting reading. I even went for drinks after work the other day and only had a few soda and limes. Can you believe it?! ‘Dry January’ is something really important to me, because I guess I’m trying to prove to myself that I have the willpower to stick with something so watch this space!

The one thing I’ve struggled with is the fact that I’m still unable to get to gym after a chest infection over Christmas and New Year which I’m still trying to get rid of. This is really frustrating because through simply eating better, I’ve lost 2kg over the last few weeks, and this number could possibly have been more had I been able to go to gym. Hopefully next week will see things take a bit of a turn so that I can get back in shape.

Lastly, I’ve had a few television-free evenings this week and have slept a little better as a result (also due to no booze in the evenings!), so it’s something I really want to keep up with.

Well, that’s that for now. I’d love to hear about anyone doing something similar, so do send me a message!



Trying something new…..

I’ve spent the last 3 weeks of my life on a concrete floor in St Pancras Station, hunched over a laptop. I figure that deserves an explanation…..

Well, I’ve been volunteer co-ordinator for the Save Wild Tigers Initiative between 1st – 21st of March. Basically, I’ve been responsible for recruiting, scheduling and managing over 100 volunteers for this campaign, and honestly, it’s been no easy feat! I’ve spent long hours at the station with my colleagues and volunteers to raise as much money as possible for tiger conservation. It’s been an incredible experience and I’ve had so much fun and have met incredible people, but I’m absolutely exhausted!

Having spent so much time in front of my laptop, constantly being on my feet and working long hours, I decided to give myself a treat. Yesterday, I went for a hot stone massage and it was amazing! I now have a relatively tension free back and feel loads better. However, something strange happened during my massage….

Now, I don’t know if the masseuse shares this information with all her clients, or just those of the larger or more svelte persuasion, but I had the pleasure of getting some unsolicited advice!

She told me that I should stop eating wheat, because it would help me lose weight. A little personal for my Saturday morning I have to say, and I wasn’t sure if I should’ve been offended or not, but I listened anyway. It might not have been her place to talk to me about it, but regardless, I can’t argue the fact that I do need to lose weight. Well, we ended up with a big discussion about cutting out wheat and all the health benefits that go along with it. She recommended a website called Wheat Belly:


After doing some research and considering all the positive elements that I could potentially get from trying this, I’ve decided to give it a go. As of tomorrow, I will be cutting out all wheat from my diet for the whole of April, and depending on how it goes, hopefully continue doing it. Of course I will keep you all up to date on how it goes!

Have any of you ever tried to cut out wheat? Any advice would be amazing!




Back to Square One.

Things are pretty hectic at the moment. I feel like I’m juggling too many balls and I’m struggling. I hope this doesn’t sound like an excuse, but in my personal life, I can only focus on one thing at a time. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s the truth.

I was recently made redundant, so at the moment, my entire universe revolves around finding a new job. And I only have a month and a half to make it happen! I’m excited, but scared at the same time and I feel guilty whenever I’m not actively job hunting. Even if I’ve had a really long day, come home and just sit in front of the telly watching a programme, I feel guilty for not sending out my CV. I know that I have to give myself a break, but I can’t.

It’s all I can focus on at the moment and everything else has just fallen by the wayside. And I mean everything! I haven’t bothered following and planning an eating regime, and instead have been stuffing my face with everything in sight out of stress. I haven’t been to gym in weeks, because I come home from work and have to send out job applications!

As a result, I’ve managed to put back a stone in weight! I kid you not…..a bloody stone! I am so disappointed with myself, especially because I know exactly what I did (or didn’t do) to get back in this position. I just feel like my main priority is finding a new job and I just have no time for anything else.

I’m stressed out and frustrated and can’t stop stuffing my face. Especially with Christmas approaching, it’s really hard not to tuck into mince pies, extra vino and chocolates!

I just feel like I’m back to square one and it’s a little frustrating. It’s really hard for me to get back on track sometimes, so I hope I get a job soon an get this back on the right track!

The horror, the horror…..

I just want to own up to something today. Some of my more eagle-eyed readers might have spotted that I (finally!) updated my Weigh In’s section last night. It’s been 4 months I’m ashamed to say and the number that greeted me came as quite a shock….

Through lack of exercise and general face-stuffing, I’ve managed to put on 5kg over the last 4 months. That’s 11lbs for all the non-metric systems peeps out there. 11lbs!! To say I was shocked would be a gross understatement.

So, in the spirit of transparency, I decided to tell you all the truth and be honest. I’ve got my gym induction session tonight, and it can’t come soon enough! It’s just a shame that I’ve gone and undone so much of my hard work….I wish there were two of me so that I could give myself a kick up the butt!

So, here’s to getting back into gym life…..and this picture says it all really:

Almost, but not quite………Heheheeee!!


picture courtesy of www.someecards.com


I’ve bitten the bullet and after 3 months of a pretty sedentary lifestyle (and indulgent holiday, might I add!), I’ve signed up to gym again.

After moving house recently, I had to cancel my previous gym membership as there was no similar chain close to me. Well, I’ve found an awesome gym just under a mile from our house, and am pretty confident that I’ll be going regularly. Reason being, is that I have 6 months to lose as much as I can (in a sensible way!) because I’m going home on holiday in April next year. My weight has always been such a big deal and I want to step on South African soil as “Cool & Confident Lynne”, not “I’m dying of heat because I refuse to take off my jumper for fear of everyone seeing my flabby arms and big pot belly Lynne”!! Well, that’s the plan anyway….

I’ve got my gym induction tomorrow evening and I’m surprisingly excited. It’ll be really good to do some exercise again. I’ve been feeling really gross lately and I know I have to get my lazy butt in the gym.

Also, I’m getting back into counting my calories on MyFitnessPal and logging my exercise on DailyMile. It’s good to have a routine to stick to and motivate yourself that way too.

I’m also fully aware that I’ve been saying all of this for a while and nothing ever seems to go anywhere, but I know I’m determined and I can do this. I don’t expect people to believe me, because I haven’t really earned that over the last few months, but all I can ask is….watch this space. And wish me good luck at the gym tomorrow evening…..I just know I’m going to be in all kinds of pain! 🙂

DIY: The Ultimate Workout.

Ever read articles telling you what the best workout is, or how to effectively lose weight? Well, I’ve finally got the answer…..MOVE HOUSE!

I’ve spent the last month packing boxes, unpacking boxes,scrubbing houses clean, painting walls, etc. and let me tell you right now, it’ll be the best exercise you’ll ever do. Speaking as one who’s never had to paint a wall, it’s ball-busting work. I didn’t even hurt that much after running 10K in a damn fox suit!

Blood, sweat and tears have gone into scrubbing our last place clean, carrying boxes out of our old place and into our new place (and this includes a massive fridge!). The worst by far was the painting. I now have a whole new respect for those who do this as a profession. After 3 days of painting, I felt like I’d been mugged!

I’ve been in such a dishevelled state for the last while, it actually prompted my boyfriend to say “Wow! It’s nice to see you looking human again!” after finally pulling on a pair of jeans, a top and slapping on some make up last week.

Well, enough moaning……the positive side? I’ve managed to actually lose weight! I suspect it’s around 1.5 – 2kg’s…in a week! Seriously, my clothes are a little looser and I’m feeling pretty good. I’m also trying to keep a closer eye on what I’m eating whilst I’m this  good streak and try to lose as much as I can before our holiday to Morocco in a month.

So, if ever again you hear of or read about the perfect work out, you can tell people it’s total bollocks and to just go paint a wall instead! 🙂

Double Figures Baby!

I know I haven’t written a post in quite some time, and I do apologise for that. However, I do have really exciting news to share with you all today….

As you may know, I’ve been training for my 10K that I’m running on the 8th of July. The training is going well. I ran 6.5km yesterday which I’m really chuffed about. I’m aiming to run 10kms at least once or twice before my race, so I’m training hard.

Well, having said that, I’ve only really gotten back into my training for the last 2 weeks. As I stated in one of my previous posts, I knew I’d find it hard to stick to my strict “regime” once he got back from his holiday. And it was really hard. I floundered a few times….I mean, how can a true South African turn down a braai?! (That’s a BBQ to all the Non-South Africans reading this…heheheee!) Bottom line is I kinda messed around for 2 weeks after Greg got back, but now I’m back into the swing of things!

Okay, so back to the good news…..today being the 1st of the month is weigh in day. Eeeek!!! I was a little nervous about it, because I spent the first half of the month pigging out, so I thought that I’d ruined everything. I gingerly stepped on the scale this morning and to my surprise, I’ve lost weight! It wasn’t as much as I was hoping to lose – only 0.9kg or 2 pounds if you calculate things that way. It doesn’t sound that great, does it? But here’s the great news…That’s a total of 10kgs I’ve lost to date (or 1.6 stone)!!

I’ve always said that I’d be over the moon when I finally got to losing double figures and now the day is here. I know it sounds a little cheesy, but this is the encouragement I’ve needed for a while and now there’s no stopping me! I know it shouldn’t but when you hit the double figures, a little switch goes off in the brain and your goal seems more achievable.

So I’ll be a little slimmer and trimmer in time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations this weekend……Yay! 🙂