Sending this into the void…

Someone very wise and very dear to me once told me….

“Accept that which you cannot change, and change that which you cannot accept.”

Over the last 8 years, I’ve become desperately unhappy with myself. I’ve lost focus of who I am and my once confident self has disappeared. I look in the mirror and I can’t see anything good anymore. I’m terribly overweight. According to the “health experts”, I’m obese. I never thought I could actually get to this point, but here I am, tired of feeling this ashamed and self-conscious.

So, with my long-suffering boyfriend by my side for emotional support, I’ve decided to devote the next year of my life to reaching my target weight, and become healthier and happier. I want ME back!

MY AIM:  My birthday is 26th November. So, on my birthday in 2011, I want to step onto a scale and weigh what I want to. I’m still doing some last-minute tweaking on my weight loss plan and will post it as soon as possible, so keep an eye out for it…

So, here’s to the next 365 days!

xxx adventure begins here!