Now or Never.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as who you become by achieving them.

– Henry David Thoreau


A few months ago I received news that absolutely floored me. I’m not quite ready to go into it just yet, but it concerned someone very close to me and has given me the jolt I needed. It’s such a shame that it takes something really awful to happen to make you realise you need to make serious changes in your life.

I’ve said this so many times before that even I am sick of hearing it, but I am determined to make 2014 the year I lose the weight I want to.

I’m back at the gym, and will even be starting personal training sessions every second week (because I work for a charity and that is all I can afford…haha!). I’m taking additional steps to eat healthier and cut down on the booze. I want to become more of a ‘conscious eater’ and listen to what my body needs.

There were many more things I wanted to say in this post, but I think I’m going to leave it at that.

Thanks for reading (once again!).



I’ve bitten the bullet and after 3 months of a pretty sedentary lifestyle (and indulgent holiday, might I add!), I’ve signed up to gym again.

After moving house recently, I had to cancel my previous gym membership as there was no similar chain close to me. Well, I’ve found an awesome gym just under a mile from our house, and am pretty confident that I’ll be going regularly. Reason being, is that I have 6 months to lose as much as I can (in a sensible way!) because I’m going home on holiday in April next year. My weight has always been such a big deal and I want to step on South African soil as “Cool & Confident Lynne”, not “I’m dying of heat because I refuse to take off my jumper for fear of everyone seeing my flabby arms and big pot belly Lynne”!! Well, that’s the plan anyway….

I’ve got my gym induction tomorrow evening and I’m surprisingly excited. It’ll be really good to do some exercise again. I’ve been feeling really gross lately and I know I have to get my lazy butt in the gym.

Also, I’m getting back into counting my calories on MyFitnessPal and logging my exercise on DailyMile. It’s good to have a routine to stick to and motivate yourself that way too.

I’m also fully aware that I’ve been saying all of this for a while and nothing ever seems to go anywhere, but I know I’m determined and I can do this. I don’t expect people to believe me, because I haven’t really earned that over the last few months, but all I can ask is….watch this space. And wish me good luck at the gym tomorrow evening…..I just know I’m going to be in all kinds of pain! 🙂

Getting back in the game!

Well, I’ve recently returned from a month off. My parents were visiting me from South Africa and we did loads of travelling….. Wine, cheese and bread in France; Pubs in Edinburgh; and lovely lunches out in London. This has been my reality for the last 5 weeks, and as wonderful as it’s been, I feel as if I’ve undone some hard work of recent months. I’m a little disappointed with myself, but truth be told, I’m not too upset about it.

I wanted to unwind these last couple of weeks, as it’s the only holiday I’ll have until April 2012. So, I can really concentrate on my fitness and weight loss for the next year……no distractions.

I’ve restarted my food diary on MyFitnessPal which is so helpful. I can’t recommend this website enough! Also, I’m on the DailyMile website where I can log all the running and exercise I do. Aside from the amazing I support I get from everyone who reads my blog, these two websites also offer great insight and tools to help me achieve my ultimate goal. If you’re at all curious….have a look!

Well, I’m back and off to the gym for the first time in a month tomorrow. I hope it’s not too difficult to get back into the swing of things! Well, even if it’s hard, it doesn’t matter. I’m back and I’m here to stay.


My Fitness Pal.

As I mention in an earlier post, I’ve really been struggling to get back into the swing of things. I’m finding it really hard to get motivated, and am getting increasingly frustrated with my lack of weight loss. Well, I recently stumbled onto something I hope will really help. I subscribe to a blog called Questions for Dessert, and saw a website that Krissie uses as not just a motivating tool, but also a way of monitoring her food intake and exercise routines. So, I decided that it was worth having a look, and have consequently subscribed.

My Fitness Pal is free and it seems really easy to use. I’m hoping to use this as an additional tool and to find the motivation and encouragement I’m desperately looking for. So, feel free to check it out on the following link:

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Created by MyFitnessPal – Free Calorie Counter

I will update you all with any new developments soon.


My first race of the year!

So, I survived my first 5km of the year! I am quite proud of myself for just getting on with it, although it wasn’t my best time ever…. 😦

I completed the Clapham Common Innovation Sports 5km last Sunday in 39mins. I really wanted to beat my previous time of 37mins, but alas, I wasn’t up for it on the day. However, I suspect it was because I went for what was supposed to be a quick run on the Saturday morning, but it turned into 5km. Apparently you should rest the day before a race. Who knew! 😉 Well, it was a lovely day out, and I met my friend Gordon who ran the 10km on the day. I wasn’t quite ready for that so I let him get on with it! His girlfriend, Debbie, was also there to cheer us on from the sidelines which really helped! I do wish that my time was better, but I’m just starting out and am in the process of getting more fit and also healthier.

With Gordon & Debbie after finishing the race.

The reasons I’m not too disappointed with my result are threefold:

1. I started and finished a 5km race.

2. I saw this race as a measure of my abilities and am now aware of how hard I have to push myself in training for my 10km.

3. I went for a run on Saturday and without noticing, actually ran 5km in 33mins. So I know that I’m capable of achieving a better time!

With my medal after finishing the race!

All in all, I’m pleased with the outcome and can only look forward to training for my 10km in July. The best bit for me, was that I actually enjoyed the run and I didn’t feel too badly afterwards. I had my Ipod on and just got on with business. Although, the track is a little confusing and just when I thought I was at the finish, they steer you away in another direction to run the last kilometre. That really messed with my head and I think I mentally gave up at that point. I was so tired and when I saw the sign for the last kilometre, my body seemed to say “I’m done”. Well, I finished and can now only improve.

Another surprise was that I ran into my friend Harry, who was running the 10km on the day. He’s in the process of training for the London Marathon at the end of April, and so is another friend of mine, Jodie. Harry is running for the Multiple Sclerosis Trust and Jodie is running for the British Heart Foundation. If anyone wants to help them out with donations, just click on their names and it’ll take you to their respective pages. What they’re doing is so admirable and I take my hat off to them for making such a huge commitment. Please check out their pages everyone!

Me with Harry, who ran the 10km!

The last thing I want to say is that I’m slowly realising what a commitment running is. It’s so much harder than you think. It’s tough and you constantly have to push yourself, because nobody’s going to do that for you. It hurts and it’s punishing at times. But it’s personal in a way and in the end, it’s incredibly rewarding. I think I’ve finally found something that I can embrace and stick with, although I’m still pretty rubbish at it right now! 🙂