My Photography….The Beginning!

This is not necessarily a post about weight loss, but it does have something to do with my New Year’s Resolutions – Change. One of my resolutions is to improve my photography and I’m really excited about that. I’ve always been passionate about photography, but I feel as if I finally have the means to really learn what to do behind the lens. I got a Canon 550D for my birthday last year and I’ve been messing around with it quite a bit. Mainly, I’ve figured out you need a degree to operate the thing! There is so much I need to learn and this is the year that I’m going to do it.

So, I wanted to share a few of my favourite photographs I took in 2011, with the hope that I can share my improved images with you all in a few months time. It’s just a few snaps of various places I’ve been to this year, so I hope you guys like them!

The two photos below are of my cat, Puddy. They were just taken at home and conveys her mood brilliantly. First of having her cleaning rituals interrupted and second, of being made to wear a ridiculous Santa Suit!

Angry Cat.

Christmas Puddy.

The picture below was taken at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. I was messing around with shutter speed and low lighting to create the round about movements of the ride. It’s still a work in progress!

One of the rides at Winter Wonderland in London.

The two photos below are of castles I really liked and each has a bit of its own character.

York Castle. The geese are most certainly not heeding the sign!

The Tower of London.

The following photos were taken in various places in the UK and are mainly nature related. From the miniature to the larger than life.

Autumn Walk on Box Hill, Surrey.

Sunrise on Leith Hill, Surrey.

Bee. Chelsea Flower Show, London.

Storm Brewing, Edinburgh.

The following photos were taken in Paris when we were there for a few days in May. I took so many photos, so had to pick just a few to share today.

View of Paris from the Sacre Coeur.

Musical Lady at the foot of the Basilique du Sacre Coeur, Paris.

The Seine, with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Paris.

The last set of photos are mainly War themed. We took my Dad on a tour of the France & Belgian Battle Fields earlier this year. Here are some of my favourite photos of the trip.

American Cemetery, Omaha Beach. France.

Beach, Courseulles-Sur-Mer. France.

"They Did Not Pass" - War Memorial honouring the French. France.

Mine Craters. Hill 62, Sanctuary Wood. Belgium.

Peace. American War Memorial, Verdun. France.

Peace. American War Memorial, Verdun. France.

Well, that’s it folks. Thanks for having a look!






Country Living…..yes please! :)

Yesterday, Greg and I got back from a fabulous weekend in the countryside. We headed down to the Surrey Hills and the area is incredibly beautiful. It was a much-needed break for the two of us and we really made the most of it. It was great just getting out of the London smog for a few days!

Our B&B, Leylands Farm, was absolutely amazing and I just couldn’t get over all the amazing properties in the area. Oh, to have money! 😉 (I’m still hoping to win the lottery one day…heheheee) Here are a few pictures of our B&B…..we even had our own log fire!

Leylands Farm B&B

The Annexe we stayed in.

Our own log fire.....

On the Saturday we went for a leisurely walk up Leith Hill and the morning light was lovely for taking pictures. I fancy myself as a bit of an amateur photographer, so am always trying to get that elusive picture. Every now and then I’ll get a really great photo, but they’re still few and far between. That doesn’t stop me from trying though! 😉 The weather was perfect too…crisp and clear – just the way I like it.

Walking through the forest up to Leith Hill...

Walking up to Leith Hill...I just love the light through the trees!

Me on top of Leith Hill...what a view!

We made a trip down to Denbies Wine Estate (close to Dorking) in the afternoon and went on a Vineyard Tour. This involved getting on a small open-air bus and cruising up the hill to the top of the Vineyard and it was absolutely freezing! Of course we ended up walking out with a couple of bottles of vino. Had to be done…. Heheheee! They even had a Farm Shop which I couldn’t resist, and we got loads of home-made jams and chutneys. I’m a total sucker for a good Farm Shop!

Denbies Wine Estate

The Vineyards...

The two of us on our Vineyard Tour.....exciting! 🙂

Farm Shop!

I did throw caution to the wind this weekend and wasn’t very disciplined in the “healthy eating” department. Oh well, it’s not as if we do this a lot, so I ate to my hearts’ content! There were loads of lovely pubs in the area, so we spent Friday & Saturday night at the pub, warming up beside a fire with a glass of wine. Lovely, just lovely.

The Abinger Hatch Pub...awesome!

We spent our last morning heading up to Box Hill for a morning hike. It was a beautiful day and a little warm, but that didn’t deter us from our plans. We had spectacular views of Dorking and the surrounding areas at the start of the hike, then had to climb down 275 steps to reach the bottom of the hill, cross a river and then walk around and back up the hill. At least I got some exercise in for the day! I barely made it up the hill, but the view from the top made it all worth while…..

View of Dorking from the Box Hill Viewpoint.

The Stepping Stones across the river...

Autumn colours....

The two of us on Box Hill....

Greg all the way up the Hill with me trailing usual!

A well deserved break at the top of Box Hill!

It was just such a lovely weekend……there really is something to be said for breathing in clean, crisp country air.

Now it’s back to the real world!