I’ve bitten the bullet and after 3 months of a pretty sedentary lifestyle (and indulgent holiday, might I add!), I’ve signed up to gym again.

After moving house recently, I had to cancel my previous gym membership as there was no similar chain close to me. Well, I’ve found an awesome gym just under a mile from our house, and am pretty confident that I’ll be going regularly. Reason being, is that I have 6 months to lose as much as I can (in a sensible way!) because I’m going home on holiday in April next year. My weight has always been such a big deal and I want to step on South African soil as “Cool & Confident Lynne”, not “I’m dying of heat because I refuse to take off my jumper for fear of everyone seeing my flabby arms and big pot belly Lynne”!! Well, that’s the plan anyway….

I’ve got my gym induction tomorrow evening and I’m surprisingly excited. It’ll be really good to do some exercise again. I’ve been feeling really gross lately and I know I have to get my lazy butt in the gym.

Also, I’m getting back into counting my calories on MyFitnessPal and logging my exercise on DailyMile. It’s good to have a routine to stick to and motivate yourself that way too.

I’m also fully aware that I’ve been saying all of this for a while and nothing ever seems to go anywhere, but I know I’m determined and I can do this. I don’t expect people to believe me, because I haven’t really earned that over the last few months, but all I can ask is….watch this space. And wish me good luck at the gym tomorrow evening…..I just know I’m going to be in all kinds of pain! 🙂


Getting back in the game!

Well, I’ve recently returned from a month off. My parents were visiting me from South Africa and we did loads of travelling….. Wine, cheese and bread in France; Pubs in Edinburgh; and lovely lunches out in London. This has been my reality for the last 5 weeks, and as wonderful as it’s been, I feel as if I’ve undone some hard work of recent months. I’m a little disappointed with myself, but truth be told, I’m not too upset about it.

I wanted to unwind these last couple of weeks, as it’s the only holiday I’ll have until April 2012. So, I can really concentrate on my fitness and weight loss for the next year……no distractions.

I’ve restarted my food diary on MyFitnessPal which is so helpful. I can’t recommend this website enough! Also, I’m on the DailyMile website where I can log all the running and exercise I do. Aside from the amazing I support I get from everyone who reads my blog, these two websites also offer great insight and tools to help me achieve my ultimate goal. If you’re at all curious….have a look!

Well, I’m back and off to the gym for the first time in a month tomorrow. I hope it’s not too difficult to get back into the swing of things! Well, even if it’s hard, it doesn’t matter. I’m back and I’m here to stay.