A visit to the good doctor…

So, I went to the doctor this morning and felt like such a tool!


Doctor: “So, you say you keep getting a bump on your shin after running?”

Lynne: “Yes Doctor, it’s extremely painful and very sensitive, so I keep having to rest my legs which is a set back every     time.”

Doctor: “Okay, let’s have a look at your leg.”


Doctor: “Yeah, there’s nothing there.”

Lynne: “Well, I know there’s nothing there now. But I’m just telling you what happens when I go for a run.”

Doctor: “Yeah……..I’m going to print off some information on shin splints for you to read.”

**PRINTS OFF INFO FROM GOOGLE** (Which incidentally I could have done myself!)

Lynne: “Well, I’ve read up quite extensively on shin splints and I’m doing everything I can to prevent them. But what        worries me is this massive bump I get on my shin. Surely that’s not normal.”

Doctor: “But there’s no bump…..”

Lynne: “Ofcourse not. I’ve rested my leg for a week now and the bump’s gone down.”

Doctor: “I suppose I could refer you to a physio if you wanted me to.”

Lynne: “Fine.”

Doctor: “Okay then.”

Lynne: “Thank you.”

Doctor: “Bye.”


And that concludes my visit to the doctor. I felt like such an idiot and from the doctor’s attitude, she really didn’t help me feel any different. She couldn’t even tell me if the HUGE bump I get on my shin should be something to worry about or not. Great help she was!

Well, at least I got a physio appointment out of all of this. Let’s hope they can shed some more light on why this keeps happening. I know for damn sure what I’ll be doing the night before my physio appointment….

I’ll be caning it on a long run so I show up with a massive bump on this damn shin of mine. Hopefully someone will believe me then!



A proverbial spanner in the works!

A week ago Sunday, I went for my usual 5K run. It was a lovely Sunday morning and my iPod was churning out some great running songs. When I started my run, I did feel some tenderness in my left shin, but didn’t think too much of it and I decided to just keep running and hope that I could “run it off”. Because I’ve always struggled with shin splints, I make sure I also stretch properly as I believe this aids shin splints, so I’m not skimping in that department. At the end of my run, I immediately iced my shins and took some anti-inflammatories as I usually do. The problem is, it doesn’t seem like your average shin splints. I have an actual bump on my left shin which is a little worrying!

I saw no improvement and it kept getting worse a couple of days later. I could hardly walk down stairs! So, I’ve been resting my little legs for the last week. It’s so frustrating because I was really getting into a running “groove” and was doing really well. This is such a set back! So, I decided to pop into my local running shop for some friendly advice. I spoke to one of the sport science students who informed me that it might be a stress fracture. Eeeek!! He advised me to go and see my GP to get a more in-depth look at what’s going on. So, I’ve got an appointment tomorrow morning. I really hope it’s not bad news. I was so enjoying my running routine….  😦

What sucks the most, is the fact that I couldn’t participate in the Adidas Women’s 5K on Sunday. I’m gutted! My legs were simply too sore to run 5km’s. I’m a little worried about my Tree-Athlon for this coming Saturday. I think if it’s the worse case scenario: I’ll just have to walk it. At the end of the day, it’s about completing the race and everything goes towards charity.

Hopefully this is just a minor set-back and I’ll be back to my training schedule sooner rather than later.

Well, I’m off to see the doctor tomorrow so fingers crossed and I’ll let you all know how it went.