Things I have in common with my Cat!

Recently my boyfriend, Greg, remarked that Puddy (our cat) was the feline version of me, which made me think a little bit….

1. We are both SUPER grumpy in the morning and should not be messed with! This is the face that’ll greet you in the morning….

2. We both love to snooze! There’s nothing like a good snooze….

 3. We both have a pretty short fuse at times. When you see this look, you know it’s pretty close to Ka-Blam time! 😉

4. We like a little tanning now and then, but we try to look after our sensitive skin…

5. We like a little quiet time every now and then. It’s nothing personal, but we just need a time out sometimes, so just let us do our thing…

6. We are nosey. It’ll never change. We just like to know what’s going on in the world! 😉

7. We like getting our way. Some people find it a little annoying, but we happen to think it’s a more endearing quality. We know what we want in life and we take it! 😉

8.  We both have a rather ample posterior….but some people like that! 😉

9. Sometimes we feel a little defeated and end up feeling very sorry for ourselves…

10. Sometimes we get knocked flat on our backs, but we always get back up….

11. Occasionally, we like to leave our inhibitions behind…..only occasionally though! 😉

12. We’re both a little SVELTE, but that appeals to some. Not everyone can be stick thin! 😉

Well, it seems that we do have quite a bit in common. Except that tomorrow morning at 6am, I’ll have to wake up to go to work, and Puddy will be getting ready for her first early morning snooze! Oh what a life…..

But despite our flaws, we’ve both managed to snag pretty eligible men! (There’s currently a boy cat – who we’re calling Howard Wolowitz in honour of his persistence – after our Puddy!) It turns out that they like us for who we are; not what we look like and despite some of the mood swings we might have sometimes.

 We’re very lucky ladies! (Although Puddy looks particularly grumpy in this pic!)