Quick Update!

There are a few new developments I wanted to share with you all….

  • As some of you may have noticed, I’ve changed the layout of my blog. I think it’s much more user-friendly this way and I like the new look. I hope you guys like it too!
  • As I said in my last post, I’m loving my new training gear. It really was the best money I ever spent! I went for a run in the park this morning, and my shins felt great during and after the run. It’s amazing not having to worry about my shins when I want to go for a run. Now I can just get up and go for it!
  • I’m trying to up the distance I’m running each week. I’ve been averaging about 10km a week in my training for a while now, and have decided it’s time to up this to about 20km a week. I’m getting there though. I managed 14km this week, and can only keep improving. So that’s my aim for the time being. I’ll address this again when I’ve reached and maintained my target for a while. You can actually have a peek at my weekly training on my DailyMile page.
  • I’ve signed up for a few more runs/walks in the upcoming months. Here they are….

 Adidas Women’s 5K Challenge on the 11th of September

Run Richmond Park 5K on the 1st of October

BHF 18 mile Chilterns Way Walk on the 8th of October


Well, that’s what’s new with me at the moment. What’s new with you?



So, tomorrow’s the big day!

It’s finally arrived. The race I’ve been most nervous about. Tomorrow is the British 10K.

I think I’m prepared for it. I’ve done my training, and although I’m yet to run a full 10km, I’ve done 7km in training before. So what’s an extra 3, right? Well, that’s what my logic is telling me at the moment. The nerves are starting to kick in a little and I’m sure that I’ll have all kinds of butterflies in my stomach, come tomorrow morning. But maybe that’s a good thing….more adrenaline to get me through it.

I’m taking it easy today. I’ve been resting my legs a lot and making sure that I’m drinking loads of water. My shins have been a bit of a worry this week, so I hope tomorrow won’t be too hard on my legs. I’m going to eat a simple meal tonight – a little protein, some carbs and teeny bit of veg. Tomorrow morning I’ll have a bowl of oats, with chopped banana and a teaspoon of peanut butter for energy. That should keep me energised for the race.

My strategy for tomorrow? Well, I’m hoping to finish in 1hr20 – 1hr30, so if I run for 8mins and walk for 2mins I just have to repeat that 9 times and I’m done. I want to aim for smaller/shorter goals which are more achievable than thinking of the bigger picture. I know myself, and when I start thinking about how far I still have to go, I start losing focus and my pace and frame of mind suffers. I definitely don’t want that tomorrow.

A friend gave me good advice. She said not to think of it as a race. Essentially I’m not racing anyone, and that I should just crank up the music on my iPod and enjoy the atmosphere. I’m running for Dogs Trust, and all I want to do is finish in a respectable time. That can’t be too hard, right? I know I can do this.

Well, please think of me at 9:35am tomorrow morning. I’m going to need all the positive vibes I can get! 🙂

Sunday is almost here!

I’ve got another 5K coming up on Sunday. It’s the Clapham Common Innovation Sports Series, and I’m quite excited. I’ve done this one before, so will feel more comfortable running it as I’m now familiar with the course. So, I’m confident that I’ll do okay.

My main aim, is just to beat my time I logged on my previous race. If I can do that, I’ll be proud of myself. When I ran the previous Clapham Common 5K, I finished third or second from last, and I’ll be honest, it really wasn’t a great feeling. I struggled through the race and the last kilometre was the hardest. Mainly because I thought I was closer to the finish than I actually was. It more mental than physical, and that defeated me in the end.

So, with that in mind, there are a couple of things I want to do differently this time:

  1. Concentrate on running more on the balls of my feet and hopefully avoid serious shin splints.
  2. Take good care of my feet. The last two runs I’ve done in the park resulted in blisters on the inside of my right foot. So, I’m going to bandage them up and just be aware of how I’m running, and do it carefully.
  3. I’m taking my iPod/Nike tracker to know exactly how far I’ve run and how much I still have left to do. This way, I’ll be fully aware of where I am on the course and thereby cancel out the mental fatigue.
  4. I’m not going to do any exercise on Saturday, and will hopefully feel more rested before Sunday’s race.

Well, I’m confident that I’ll do well on Sunday and improve my time. So, spare a thought for little ol’ me pounding the park/pavements of Clapham Common on Sunday morning!



So, I’m getting a tad nervous.

My first ever 10k is in 13 days and the nerves are starting to settle in. I’ve been training, but my month off work upset that training program a little. So ever since I got back, I’ve been getting back into running and have managed to do quite well. In fact, I’m actually not doing too badly.

When I first started this blog and I began my training, I found it so hard to run for even 3 minutes at a time. I can now run 8 minutes without slowing down and can complete a 5k pretty comfortably. Yesterday I ran 6.8km in 45 minutes. I was absolutely knackered afterwards, mainly because it was so hot, and also because I haven’t run that far in years. I was really proud of myself for that!

It shows me that I can do a 10k. Realistically, I’m not the world’s fittest person right now, but I know that I can manage it. I won’t be trying to break any records, but I’m aiming to complete it in 1hr 20mins. All I want to do is finish it really. I’m raising funds for Dogs Trust, so I really want to make everyone proud.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep training and just do my best on the day. The fact that I’m even doing this is an achievement for me and it’s more about personal growth and achieving my goals. So, ring it on!


Hello Training My Old Friend!

So, I went back to gym for the first time in 5 weeks yesterday. Almost killed me. I’ve really regressed these last couple of weeks and will have to work really hard to get back into shape before the 10K in July!

I started with some interval training on the treadmill and managed to keep it up for 25mins. Miraculous! I then added a bit of weight training to sort out these flabby arms of mine! All in all, I was absolutely shattered after the workout, but I feel so much better. Now I have to concentrate on keeping it up.

I’m also trying to concentrate more on my diet. I want to eat less carbs – not just at night, but during the day too. More lean protein, veg and fruit. I actually had a pretty good day today – food wise – although, I did have a cheeky bit of chocolate mousse for dessert!

So, I’ve got the iPod on charge and will be off for a run first thing tomorrow morning. It feels so great to be out and about again!


Run. Run. Run.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve decided to run the British 10K in July this year. Kinda exciting! 🙂

I’m a bit scared though, because after recently running the Clapham Common 5km, I’ve discovered that I still have quite a long way to go. I’ve been running regularly on the treadmill at the gym, and I manage to run between 4 – 5km every time I go. But despite this, there is quite a big difference between running on the treadmill and running in the park. So I’m slowly going to have to train myself to get comfortable running both inddors and outdoors before July.

I’ve got a 10 week training programme that a fellow runner has worked out for me and I want to stick to that a closely as possible. Having said that, I will have to listen to my body though and take it one step at a time. In addition to this, I want to make a firm commitment to myself that I’ll go to the gym every other day. I’ll only bend this rule in exceptional circumstances. I think that if I can stick to the above, I’ll be able to manage the 10km just fine.

Speaking of the 10km…….I’m running in aid of Dogs Trust  and would really appreciate any donations to this worthy cause. No donation is too small and every penny really does help. I firmly believe every dog should be a happy dog, so please help me make this happen! You can donate at the below link….


Well, wish me luck for the next 10 weeks of training!


My first race of the year!

So, I survived my first 5km of the year! I am quite proud of myself for just getting on with it, although it wasn’t my best time ever…. 😦

I completed the Clapham Common Innovation Sports 5km last Sunday in 39mins. I really wanted to beat my previous time of 37mins, but alas, I wasn’t up for it on the day. However, I suspect it was because I went for what was supposed to be a quick run on the Saturday morning, but it turned into 5km. Apparently you should rest the day before a race. Who knew! 😉 Well, it was a lovely day out, and I met my friend Gordon who ran the 10km on the day. I wasn’t quite ready for that so I let him get on with it! His girlfriend, Debbie, was also there to cheer us on from the sidelines which really helped! I do wish that my time was better, but I’m just starting out and am in the process of getting more fit and also healthier.

With Gordon & Debbie after finishing the race.

The reasons I’m not too disappointed with my result are threefold:

1. I started and finished a 5km race.

2. I saw this race as a measure of my abilities and am now aware of how hard I have to push myself in training for my 10km.

3. I went for a run on Saturday and without noticing, actually ran 5km in 33mins. So I know that I’m capable of achieving a better time!

With my medal after finishing the race!

All in all, I’m pleased with the outcome and can only look forward to training for my 10km in July. The best bit for me, was that I actually enjoyed the run and I didn’t feel too badly afterwards. I had my Ipod on and just got on with business. Although, the track is a little confusing and just when I thought I was at the finish, they steer you away in another direction to run the last kilometre. That really messed with my head and I think I mentally gave up at that point. I was so tired and when I saw the sign for the last kilometre, my body seemed to say “I’m done”. Well, I finished and can now only improve.

Another surprise was that I ran into my friend Harry, who was running the 10km on the day. He’s in the process of training for the London Marathon at the end of April, and so is another friend of mine, Jodie. Harry is running for the Multiple Sclerosis Trust and Jodie is running for the British Heart Foundation. If anyone wants to help them out with donations, just click on their names and it’ll take you to their respective pages. What they’re doing is so admirable and I take my hat off to them for making such a huge commitment. Please check out their pages everyone!

Me with Harry, who ran the 10km!

The last thing I want to say is that I’m slowly realising what a commitment running is. It’s so much harder than you think. It’s tough and you constantly have to push yourself, because nobody’s going to do that for you. It hurts and it’s punishing at times. But it’s personal in a way and in the end, it’s incredibly rewarding. I think I’ve finally found something that I can embrace and stick with, although I’m still pretty rubbish at it right now! 🙂