I did it!



Dry January

So, I survived the whole of January without a single drop of alcohol! As a previously dubbed ‘wine fiend’, I am very proud of this achievement!

I do want to make it clear though – I am in no way some kind of alcoholic (although it does sound as if she doth protest too much!), but I do love a glass of wine on the couch after a long day. I think what surprised me the most about this little venture of mine, was how easy it actually was.

I had plenty of temptation – birthdays at the pub, wine in the house and catch ups with friends but I stayed strong and proved to myself I could do it!

Now what? Well, I have to say that I have physically felt a lot better not drinking anything and I know cutting out alcohol comes with a load of health advantages. So, I will most definitely keep the home ‘booze-free’ going forward and then have the occasional tipple when I’m out with friends, which I think is a good balance. There is something magical about a good bottle of red wine, so unfortunately I don’t think it’s something I’ll be able to give up for good.

picIn conclusion, I now know that by really putting my mind to it, I have the willpower to achieve something if I really want to. So I think my next goal for February will be to lose at least 5kg…….God knows that if I can give up the vino for a month a can do this! 


Song of the day!

I love Sheryl Crow. Always have. Always will. Not only is she an amazing musician, but she’s also a brilliant lyricist. When you listen to her songs (and I mean really listen), everyone can identify with the lyrics. Especially applicable to myself at the moment is the following…..

“Everybody gets high, everybody gets low,
These are the days when anything goes

Everyday is a winding road
I get a little bit closer
Everyday is a faded sign
I get a little bit closer to feeling fine”

Every Day is a Winding Road, Sheryl Crow

Those words are very meaningful to me, especially at this point in my life. People go through good times and bad times, good weeks and bad weeks even. At the moment, I’m going through a bad week. Not emotionally, but mentally and physically. As you’ve all read, I’m really struggling with shin splints at the moment, so I’ve had to take it easy on the exercising front. However, I’m really struggling with motivation to get my big behind back into the gym. I’m making up excuses left, right and centre. It’s actually becoming ridiculous! Any motivational tips/phrases??

Well, I know I’ll snap out of this soon and get back into the swing of things. Sometimes I just wish that it wouldn’t take me so long. I can and I will. This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon….(cheesy metaphor, I know! Heheheeee)

Well, for your listening pleasure, here is the YouTube video of the Song of the Day….

I think what I’m trying to say is that as long as you keep your end goal in sight, know what you want or where you want to get to you’re doing fine. Every day is a step in the right direction. It might not always be a giant step, but it’ll get you there in the end.

Every day you get a little bit closer to feeling fine…..  🙂